I am a dancer turned designer passionate about telling stories and connecting people. As I complete my masters degree in Interactive Media, I have found all kinds of weird ways that dance connects to digital design and spend every day getting to explore my love for all things creative. When the pandemic started and lockdowns began, I had to readjust my plans–and quickly. The only thing I've ever loved as much as dancing had been design, so it felt like a natural progression to return to my alma mater and pursue this new industry.

At the root of it, I just love making things–no matter the medium. I think art is about as close as we can get to magic.

Have a look around and check out my work!


Marketing & Strategy

Marketing Strategy


HeARTOscope is a nonprofit organization located in Greenville, North Carolina that focuses on healing trauma through art. As part of the Interactive Project for the Public Good class in the iMedia program, I and a team of my classmates worked to develop their website as well as create a marketing strategy and brand identity for them. I served as the Marketing Strategist to create social media plans, assisted in design and UX decisions, as well as developed content strategy.

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Web Design & Digital Campaign

The Green Room

The Green Room is an interactive website for dancers, their parents, and their teachers focused on helping pre-professional and professional dancers navigate their mental health during injury and recovery.The website includes a blog, advice guides, and interactive recovery trackers. The main content of the site revolves around the relationship between dance, injury, and identity, as that research inspired the creation of this project.

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Marketing Campaign

Fitzgerald & Faulkner

This project was a marketing and multimedia storytelling campaign for a local business with several different kinds of collateral. I partnered with Ben Johnson and Madeleine Horrell to create a multimedia marketing strategy for Fitz & Faulkner. My role on the team primarily involved the physical visual identity and brand design collateral, including a menu redesign, updated brand guidelines, and a new logo.

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Design & Branding

Web Design and Content Strategy

Design Forge 2021

Design Forge is an annual design thinking conference held by the Center for Design Thinking and Elon By Design at Elon University. As the 2021 conference was held as a hybrid event for the first time, I created a website to hold all conference materials and information for both in-person and virtual participants.

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Brand Design


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Twitch Brand Marketing Research


!market is a white paper examining the viability of Twitch as a marketing platform for individuals and companies. Live, interactive broadcasting is the next step from the foundation that radio, television, and video-streaming built. This paper outlines the features of Twitch for companies to best take advantage of when building a marketing campaign for the platform.

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UX/UI Case Study

Moodle App User Testing

This project is a user test on the Moodle Mobile Application, a learning management system used by our school, Elon University. We recruited eight participants to lead through a series of tasks that determined usability issues with the platform and made recommendations for potential solutions.

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